We have been quite but quite busy, and we have some awesome news!

We are happy to announce that ‘The Solar System: Explore your Backyard’ is now available to the public for free. Yes, the full version as it stands today for the i-Pad is free. Knowledge is the most important thing for growing minds, and we don’t want a price tag to prevent anyone from being able to learn through our app.

Everyone who has been a part of this applications growth and development over the years has made it possible to come this far, and we thank you all so much for it. It’s because of you that we’re able to make it free, so thank you so much for all of your contributions.

“The Solar System: Explore Your Backyard” is an interactive educational tool designed from the ground up to make the experience of learning about the universe around us more intuitive and fun. Visualizing the world around us is much more impacting than reading about it in a book. Knowledge is power, but understanding that knowledge is essentials.

This interactive 3D model of our Solar System allows you to control time and fly between the planets, sun and constellations with the tap of a finger. Zoom in for more detailed including the planets Orientation, its cross section or a visualization of the planets gravitational well.